SAME Work-plan for 2012-2013

New SAME office

For the 2012-2013 period SAME has devised a work plan to cover this period. As part of the SAME work plan SAME is pleased to announce that it hopes to have a physical presence  in Apia with an office. So far we have obtained 50% of the funding for the main office and the EC is committed to the establishment of the office. We hope to gain more funding from SAME/UNDP/Members/PSSF and a variety of other sources.

New Technical Adviser

SAME wishes to recruit for the office a technical adviser to provide service for members such as technical assistance with PSSF etc. A review of the industry training needs will be established with the view of providing training programs based on ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP / KAIZEN. He will be based in the new office.

We would like to encourage members to be more actively involved in the SAME and encourage business networking and more social activities. We hope to resume the monthly meetings and the technical advisor will prepare a regular program to discuss issues and work out how to achieve the required objectives.

Trade Investment Mission

SAME is also pleased to announce that a trade investment mission is planned for July 2012 should funding be approved and it has the wide support of both the Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Samoa.

SAME Strategies

SAME hopes to develop strategies for the Association to ensure that SAME can maintain the highest level of integrity is maintained by the organisation. This will need a review conducted by the executive and members. The website will be used as a communication tool in this process. SAME will in this process also strategies to promote external acceptance of the SAME organisation.