SAME May Newsletter 2012

Oloa ma Tautua mai Samoa

SAME Newsletter-May 2012

SAME Website – Now Beaming to the World

The SAME organization wishes to announce to its members and the public the recently expanded and upgraded website. The website can be valuable tool to allow members to market their products both locally and to the international market.

Website Features – Advancing to the 21st Century in web technology

The main additions / features of the website include:

  • Latest Content Management System software Drupal 7
    • Allows for easy updating of the SAME website
    • Creation of content,  Database of Members
    • File Management
    • Contact Forms / Web forms
  • New and improved, modern layout
  • FrontPage slideshow

As shown in the picture above the content management system Drupal allows for the easy creation of pages using both html code and text editing. Pictures and other media can easily be inserted into the web page without any knowledge of how to code a link. Easy web page editing is the primary new feature of the new setup for the SAME website.

Account Management – Member access and control


User management is another prime feature of Drupal.  Individual companies can be added as individual users with their own profile and you would be able to update your own details and content can be restricted to members only. Who has access to the website backend is easily controlled as well.

Easier file management

Easier file management is another good feature of Drupal. It allows for easy uploading of media such as video & images, and the easier insertion of the material.

The website features a more balanced and professional layout compared to the previous versions of the website. The look is more consistent, fresh and modern. Navigation is also vastly improved old the design and follows a logical layout. The website can also be adjusted to add more blocks and be increased in size so the design is not completely locked in.


The website will also be able to host surveying functionality of members as another feature of the website. We aim for the SAME website to be an information resource hub for SAME members, the public and a promoter of SAME member products. Communication will also be a key role for the website.  The Executive will have direct control over the website and unlike the old website will be able to manage and update the website themselves.

Updated Content

The website now includes an updated resources, updated members list, updated contact information and update information about the organization and SAME’s strategic plan. More content is also going to be more regularly updated and added thanks to new web site management features.

Marketing Samoa products to the rest of the world - What’s Needed from Members?

SAME would like to work with members to help promote SAME member products and market them both at the National level and international level globally. We hope to add to the website member product information to the website in SAME products section.

We would like for members to provide us with information on several of their main products, information and pricing at their earliest convince with 1 or 2 pictures.

A online web form will be created in which you can upload a picture, product information such as prices, description and or product background. This information will then be presented in a catalog of SAME / Samoa products.

The intention here is to grow the SAME website into a major marketing machine of SAME / Samoan products.

P.O. Box 3428, Apia, Samoa  Tel: (685) 26726 Fax: (685) 26723 Web: