Vision, Mission, Objectives & Principles



“… to be acknowledged and respected as the key organization in Samoa representing all interests pertaining to trade in products and services.”


“… to develop an effective and efficient organization that will work diligently in guiding members of the organization towards reaching their respective goals and to provide an independent representation of member interests that the international community, the public sector and the industry at large can accept as legitimate representation"


The key objectives of the Association as set out in its Constitution and Rules of the Association:

  • Promotion and protection of industry
  • Collection of information on all matters of interest
  • Redress and removal of grievances in connection with industry
  • To provide rooms, books, papers, information and accommodation for its members and for visitors
  • Establish scholarships, grants, rewards and to use and apply the funds of the Association accordingly
  • To develop the general public interest in the Association
  • To invest any moneys of SAME not required for immediate use in such Government or real securities or on bank deposits as may be deemed safe and desirable with power from time to time to vary investments from others
  • Generally to purchase, take on lease or in exchange hire or otherwise acquire any real and personal property and any rights or privileges necessary
  • Make donations
  • Promote the establishment of industries in Samoa and the region
  • Promote exports
  • To advise the Government on matter pertaining to industries within the region and in particular exports from Samoa
  • To promote and encourage improvements of industrial design and presentation of Samoa made products




  • The Mission of the Association is the template against which all actions / decisions will be tested to ensure consistency of purpose
  • Members recognize that their membership incurs a responsibility to the wellbeing of the wider manufacturing sector - they will be expected to share ideas and support their manufacturing colleagues as part of collective learning and advancement
  • The Association is committed to fostering a spirit of partnership with Government, based on mutual respect and trust - recognising that whilst the parties will not always agree, cooperation rather than confrontation is more likely to lead to better decisions, and sustained benefits for all in the longer term
  • Although external funding support will continue to be required in the foreseeable future, the Membership recognises the importance of self-help and re investment in the future of their own businesses and their Association
  • In all activities, the impact on the environment shall be a key consideration